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Notícias dos A Beta Movement:
Avanço, Colour Mixing System, primeira música retirada do EP "BLOSSOM AGE", com edição prevista para 2012, já disponível para audição on line.
“…Inegável talento e muito bom gosto.” - Ricardo Coelho, Metrónomo /// "…we always enjoy hearing new music from new places. You have a very nice dreamy sound. “ - Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse /// “Great song!!”  - Tere Vaquerizo, Neo2 ///  “…the song will remind you of what it was like to dress up in an animal costume to go out and eat meatball subs with your best friends after work.” - in UNCLE FARKUS, music and architecture, NYC /// "A Beta Movement creates atmospheric pop with a steady pulse, as though these sounds floated over across the Atlantic upon a lackadaisical breeze. Colour Mixing System, is a flourishing, tumbling track that blossoms and withers like a leaky metamorphosis. Hypnotic with just a touch of melancholy, the track is also splashed with handclaps and vibrant instrumentals...“ - Paper Garden Records, Brooklyn Independent Record Company, NYC


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